Founded in 1991 by BAIC S.p.A. of Padua, Eurobroker S.r.l. of Bolzano, Rotteglia Assicurazioni S.r.l. of Milan and Sudbroker S.p.A. of Bari, it rapidly consolidated its position by building up a vast network of partners nationwide.
It has since expanded its operations to the international scene, recruiting agents capable of contributing specific know-how, which is increasingly essential in order to seize market opportunities such as to assure higher quality service.

The absence of constraints and participatory membership formula are at the basis of the Consortium's success. The benefits obtained guarantee the sharing of a wealth of specific experience that would otherwise remain concentrated in a few hands. This brings valuable economies of scale, unattainable by players who may be qualified but are disadvantaged in terms of size.

Marketing, office automation and ERP systems are only a few of the realms in which the Consortium seeks to develop and build solutions capable of offering business advantages that the individual members may freely decide to share.
It appears clear, in fact, that the development of ad hoc tools for those operating in specific sectors such as insurance consulting and brokerage represents a winning strategy for guaranteeing more effective solutions, thus avoiding costly and inefficient attempts to adapt pre-existing solutions, originally created for different contexts.

The strength of unity, also expressed through a shared brand, has facilitated more open attitudes also among broker-oriented companies and has enabled the formulation of specific demands aimed at innovating the range of insurance solutions offered to clients: this has brought benefits in the form of useful competitive advantages.

In its future development plans, the Consortium intends to evaluate additional candidacies of brokers professionally capable of consistently interpreting the style that has been a hallmark of EIB Consortium both on a national and European level.
Presentation E.I.B.
Presentation E.I.B.